About CPPC Catholic Psychiatric Pastoral Care

Catholic Psychiatric Pastoral Care (CPPC) is a support organization that started in 1987 in response to people suffering with a psychiatric illness. Families and friends also felt a need for the Church to provide a supportive, caring, faithfilled role.
As we continue to reflect on our pastoral ministries and particularly the CPPC ministry, we become increasingly aware that what Jesus and the Church are particularly about is building community, enabling people to be set free from their isolation, to experience belonging in the Christian family, a place each one knows as home, to be brother and sister to each other, to share their own stories which encourage and strengthen one another and which build up the family story.

Catholic Psychiatric Pastoral Care has an extensive training program focussed in the area of psychiatry and spirituality which enables selected volunteers to become trained pastoral carers.
These trained pastoral carers support the six ministries of CPPC:

  • Hospital Visitation,
  • Hostel Visitation,
  • The Day Centre,
  • Catholic Companionship,
  • The Prayer Ministry,
  • The Office.

Mass every Friday 1:00pm in St Patrick’s Church, Fortitude Valley (except for school holidays)
For further information:
Phone: (07) 3252 5461
Address: 58 Morgan Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane 4006


Bishop John Gerry ...

''Catholic Psychiatric Pastoral Care is a godsend for a multitude of mentally ill people. Over its twenty-year history, Catholic Psychiatric Pastoral Care has courageously continued to expand its programmes and services. As needs have been identified, no effort has been spared until a practical response has been delivered.

Mental illness leaves people vulnerable, open to exploitation, subject to abuse and humiliation, restless, in need of continuing protection even from themselves - yet each one a precious human being, created by God in love, redeemed by Christ and destined for eternal glory.

At Catholic Psychiatric Pastoral Care that innate dignity is not just respected; it is the basis of the whole operation. People attending the Centre are not called consumers, patients or clients; they are members. They participate in the broad range of Catholic Psychiatric Pastoral Care activities. The Centre is their home; they are able to relax in homely hospitality; they experience a supporting community where their self-esteem and trust, their capacity to love is built up in a stable Christian environment. One member testifies to this in the Handbook: "I am surrounded by beautiful people".

I remember Mother Teresa, during a visit to Brisbane, identifying the source of her vision and compassion, her courage and winning smile: "I would not dare go out among God's poor, unless I had first spent time with Jesus".

Catholic Psychiatric Pastoral Care is equally clear and uncompromising in its Christian motivation and operation. Reflection on Christ's values and attitudes is incorporated into every aspect of Catholic Psychiatric Pastoral Care's structured programme. The outcome is an inspired company of trained pastoral workers generously committing themselves in demanding areas of care.''

John J. Gerry

Vicar for Social Response 1974 - 2000